“english” Neue Kategorie

Diese Kategorie habe ich neu eingerichtet, weil es mit der Zweisprachigkeit des Blogs noch nicht so ganz klappt.

This new category substitutes the bilinguality, until I find a Plugin which can provide real bilinguality. Any suggestion about establishing a bilingual plugin would be of great help.
So all english posts will be found here as well from now on

Schnee von gestern!

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english version of this blog --> sidebar top ...

...du kannst zu den Beiträgen gerne einen Kommentar schreiben...unter 'comments' - jeweils unterhalb eines Artikels

... die Seite "Centered Yoga" wird immer mal ergänzt.

4 Responses to ““english” Neue Kategorie”

  1. Court Says:

    Welcome to the D-List! I added you in!

  2. babouk Says:

    Thank You Court!


  3. Dave Says:

    Too bad it so hard to find a good language plug in. Your site looks good but I can’t read it. Welcome to the D-list though.


  4. babouk Says:

    Hi Dave,

    I decided to solve the plugin-problem by setting up another blog which will be
    in english under http://blog.c-yoga.eu, but it will take a few days to translate the old posts

    all the best babouk

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